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    Whether you are looking for a diamond or a colored gemstone, we have your answers. Our certified gemologist travels several times per year to the major mining and cutting centers located in different parts of the world. If you have a request for a stone that can not be found here in the US or is just too expensive for your customers, then you may make a request for us to seek and find it on our next stone buying trip. Our staff will seek only the finest colors and best cutting available. We have one of our nations leading certified gemologists buying and selling for us. We have several decades of experience with fine colored gemstones and diamonds.

    If you are looking for a fine diamond at a price that is unparalleled by your current dealer, contact us for a quote on a diamond that was purchased distressed.

    We have numerous retail jewelers that use us to purchase their fine colored gemstones for their best clients. This gives them the opportunity to achieve the margins that they need in today’s environment.

    • Colored gemstones are purchased for clients who have prepaid a deposit or existing customers who are in good standing with the jeweler’s board of trade.
    • Quotes for diamonds are for diamonds that are currently in our inventory.
    • We will also re-cut stones that you own to maximize their color and brilliance.

    Contact Our Office:

    +1 916-390-7762